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Friday, November 17, 2006


I’d rather that it’s my variant of a standard shoulder movement: the standing barbell raise for the deltoids. Let me first describe the dynamics of my variant. The resistance involved is a plate or hammer curl bar (if your lifting capacity exceeds the available denomination of weights). The grip, which is what brings about the variation, is a hammer grip: the palms face each other, it’s identical to the grip that is used to pull down a rope towards you.

The resistance element held with the appropriate grip in front of you (touching your knees) constitutes the initial position. From this point, slowly raise the weight to a point that is above your head (with deep inhalation), & lower it back in the same manner (with exhalation). This isn’t a power movement, so the number of reps may be slightly higher if separation of the deltoids is desired (say about 15-20, with 60-70% of max strength weights).

It’s important to note that the elbow should be slightly bent outwards throughout the movement to protect the elbow joint. The weight must be lifted with (& from) the deltoids (& the trapezius) and not by the forearms or by the swaying of the hips or the lower back.

Difference from the standard movement: the standard barbell raise concentrates more on the posterior deltoids, whereas my variation targets the anterior deltoids & the trapezius.

  • Major effect: Anterior deltoids
  • Minor effect: entire deltoids & the trapezius
  • Synergist: forearms & biceps brachialis
  • Stabilizer: the back (erector spinae in particular)

Apart from the basic power exercises, such movements can't just be read on your Vaio laptop & forgotten. Your body needs to be constantly experimented with these kinds of workouts to see the results & suitability of such exercises.


Blogger akash said...

Cool buddy... I'm anoop's friend... Just visited ur blog... Thanks for it... Gotit saved in my favourites.. Will check out when i'm determined to build my body..

11:33 AM

Blogger Preetham N. said...

Hey thanks man.
Keep visiting...

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